Renshi Peter C’ailceta – Head Instructor

Photo of Peter C'ailceta

6th Dan Ju-Jitsu

4th Dan Kobudo

2nd place UK Semi-Contact Sport Nunchaku

6th place World Semi-Contact Sport Nunchaku

3rd place World Freestyle Sport Nunchaku

3rd place UK Go-Ippon Sport Nunchaku

Classes: All

Sensei Kevin Gaynor

Photo of Sensei Kevin Gaynor

3rd Dan Ju-Jitsu

2nd Dan Kobudo

Technical Executive Officer

Classes: Monday (Ju Jitsu Adults), Wednesday (Kobudo & Ju-Jitsu Adults) and Friday (Ju Jitsu Adults)

About Sensei Kevin

Kevin started his martial arts training in 1980 at the Alpha Judo school in Kensington, Liverpool. As an adult, he trained Ju-Jitsu at Lowlands in West Derby in mid-1990s before joining SSJJKA in 2010 to resume his training.

Kevin also studies Kobudo and Hoj┼Źjutsu and is the senior instructor under Sensei Peter. Kevin is qualified to grade students up to and including Shodan.

Sensei Tom Morley

Sensei Tom Morley

2nd Dan Ju-Jitsu

Assistant Technical Executive Officer

Classes: Monday (Kids and Adults), Tuesday (Kids and Adults), Friday (Kids and Adults) and Saturday (Kids)

About Sensei Tom

Sensei Tom began his martial arts journey in the 1980s studying Ju-Jitsu.

Tom joined SSJJKA in 2010 earning his Shodan in 2016 and is one of the oldest to do so.

Tom continues to train and teach at the club and is a published author and musician (among many other talents).

Sensei Sam Hepworth

Sensei Sam Hepworth

2nd Dan Ju-Jitsu

2nd Dan Kobudo

Classes: All except Thursday’s class in Huyton

About Sensei Sam

Sam has been with SSJJKA since he was a child and is now Sensei Peter’s full-time assistant at the club.

Sam was the first student to earn a Nidan (2nd Dan) in Kobudo.

Sam plays lead guitar for a band named Live Transmission.