Please find below the newly updated dojo rules which must be adhered to with immediate effect:


  • Respect my Sensei at all times
  • Address all adults with black belts or higher as Sensei
  • Always try and be dedicated in my training
  • Bow when entering the dojo and leaving the dojo
  • Take pride in my appearance
  • Apologise to Sensei for being late and explain why
  • Always take my shoes off before entering the dojo
  • Come to class in full gi with the current belt I am on
  • Help in the dojo if needed to by my Sensei and at home for my parents
  • Only use my martial arts to defend myself and to protect my loved ones
  • Understand if I am banned from class for whatever reason that I will still be charged for that class


  • Talk whilst Sensei is talking in class
  • Bring my mobile into the dojo
  • Keep leaving the dojo unless I have been asked to
  • Mess about in class it is not a playground
  • Use bad language on the mat
Kevin Gaynor

2 thoughts on “Announcement : Dojo Rules”

  1. HI
    my name is Gerard Burquest i am 60 years old and am interested in learning ju jitsu i have had 3 spinal operations in the last 9 months the third one only recently so i wouldnt be able to start rite away i just wandered if you could give me some information as i say i am 60 years old do you cater for older people who are complete beginners how much are the sessions and what are the times and days/nights of sessions what clothing/uniform would i need at the start ? is there changing room shower facilities thankyou G Burquest

    1. Hi Gerard,

      We have a number of older students (older than you in fact) and training is very much an individual thing with individual needs catered for – beginners of all ages are very welcome to join us.

      We run adults classes each week day – the Classes link has the times.

      Prices are around £7 per session (or maybe cheaper if you train multiple times per week) and you pay only when you train; there are no contracts.

      To start, just loose fighting track suit type clothing is all that is required.

      Our dojo has a changing room and a bathroom but no shower facility currently.

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