South Sefton Ju Jitsu & Kobudo Academy are celebrating¬† 25 years in martial arts since Sensei Peter C’ailceta founded our club, with a course and gala dinner in the evening.

Sensei Peter has invited instructors from a number of clubs whom we have worked with before to teach on the course which promises to be an amazing experience for any student of martial arts.

Teaching on the course are (in no particular order):

Sensei Richard Smith of Kesshin Kai and Sport Nunchaku UK.

Sensei Stuart Swalwell of Orrel Ju Jitsu.

Sensei Chris Mulhearn of BBD

Sensei Kevin Gaynor of South Sefton Ju Jitsu & Kobudo Academy

I’m Famous Photography will be there taking photographs which anyone attending the course or gala dinner can purchase (they really are excellent).

Live Transmission will be playing during the gala dinner for us (with band member and SSJJKA instructor Sensei Sam Hepworth on lead guitar).

Kevin Gaynor

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