South Sefton Ju-Jitsu & Kobudo Academy was founded in 1994 by Renshi Peter C’ailceta.

Peter’s qualifications include:

  • Over 20 years of experience teaching martial arts
  • Member of child protection scheme
  • Masters certificate in self-defence
  • NVQ in Ju-Jitsu/sport and recreation
  • 6th Dan in Ju-Jitsu
  • 4th Dan in Kobo-Jitsu
  • Member of Sport Nunchaku UK national team
  • Fight coordinator to the entertainment business
Photo of Peter C'ailceta
Peter C’ailceta

Prior to establishing the dojo in Seaforth, Sensei Peter and his team used hired halls throughout Sefton and Liverpool with classes in Crosby, Waterloo, Bootle, Huyton, Kirkby and Clubmoor. 

Peter did this for over 22 years before deciding it was time to have a more permanent base.

There is still a class at Huyton however having the base in Seaforth has enabled us to have a fully equipped martial arts training facility.